Importing Cars from Bulgaria

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Importing a second hand car from Bulgaria

You can bring vehicles into Bulgaria from EU states but also from other countries around the world.  The good news is that you won’t have to register the vehicle right away. As a matter of fact, you can use your car on Bulgarian territory for up to six months before having to do the registration papers.

The types of vehicles you can import in Bulgaria can be cars, trucks, motorcycles and different variations of those.

There are different formalities and norms to take care of, according to where you got the car from and what is its overall condition. For instance, if your car from Bulgaria comes from a state that is member of the EU or EEA, you won’t be expected to pay an import tax or VAT. This facility doesn’t exist in case you got your vehicle from other countries that are not members of the EU or EEA and you will have to pay both the import tax and the VAT.

A car is considered to be second hand if the mileage on it is higher than 6000 kilometres. Otherwise, the vehicle is considered to be a new one.  It is also important to keep in mind that if you purchase a used car from a private person you shouldn’t pay any type of VAT. However, if you get the car from an authorized dealer you will pay the VAT according to its value in the country where you bought the car, but you won’t pay the VAT in your home country.

Most people buy their cars from countries like Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France or Austria and import them into Bulgaria thanks to the advantages of this process. It is also very simple and cost efficient so, the reasons to get yourself a good car and use it on Bulgarian territory keep coming up.

Always check the condition of your car before purchasing it and starting the import process. Second hand cars can be challenging to adjust to certain national norms and you will need a car that is not too old to respect the anti-pollution regulations as well as many others. Bulgaria is a European country, therefore it submits to most of the European laws and regulations. The best way is to see and check your car before purchasing it, if that is possible and make sure that it meets the norms and regulations of the country you want to use it in.

Things you need to do when you import a used car in Bulgaria

  • Pay the ECO tax and hold on to the receipt in order to prove the fact that you made the payment. This tax will vary according to the age of the vehicle and the condition that it comes in.
  • You can import the car for a temporary period of time that has to be smaller than six months and you need a Bulgarian ID for it.
  • You will need to have your car checked before actually being allowed to use it in Bulgaria. After the car is tested for the most important technical and mechanical requirements, you will receive a registration number as well as a set of registration documents.
  • You will not be allowed to sell the car in the first year after registering it in Bulgaria.
  • You will need to purchase a Bulgarian car insurance as soon as you start driving it.
  • Make sure all your car papers are with you at all times.

All these details are important when you import any type of vehicle into Bulgaria, especially if you are planning to register it and use it for the long run. Luckily, the process itself will not be very stressful and it will not cost you a lot of money, but you will need to know the legislation and be in charge of the most important aspects regarding your vehicle. If you have any type of issues getting your information, don’t hesitate to contact a lawyer that is specialized in such cases and can guide you toward the shortest path that you need to take to import your car into Bulgaria. There are also plenty of companies that will help you take care of this process for a small fee and you just need to wait for the formalities to be over and receive your final papers. So, chances are that you will not find any problems as you import a car in Bulgaria.

This process is even more simple if your car comes from an EU or EEA country since most regulations remain similar across the EU. Also, the prices are a lot better for used cars that come from EU compared to those that come from USA or Asia which is a detail that you might want to consider.

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